Navarre Businesses

Navarre Businesses

Wow, thank you so much Navarre! I went to 30 or more businesses today in Navarre, and met some extremely nice and receptive employees, managers, and owners. I kind of barged in unannounced, and passed out flyers to explain the goal of ┬áToDo Navarre. The goal in mind is for Navarre to have it’s own “ToDo” guide, online, and affordable. ┬áHeck, it’s free to submit the business special. At this point, I am hoping all of the local businesses load up the website, so it continues to grow and be more attractive to the search engines, and the ultimate goal is for to be the “go-to online guide” for anything Navarre. Should any of you wish to have a video featured, or anything else….please feel free to let me know.

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